Most images on this site are for sale.

The custom printer I use is Bay Photo.  They do very professional work and have lots of print options.

Each image (except in the "People" gallery) has a BUY button. 

Just click the "BUY" button to access the pricelist.

Scroll down to find the sizing and type of prints you want.

You can order print on many different kinds of paper, canvas or even printed on metal (which looks awesome).  Lustre is  a great choice for almost all images.

You can purchase , matted prints, and even framed prints.

Frame and additional cropping options are available after your click the "checkout" button.

You will notice on the price list that there are some sizes that require cropping and this will change the look and feel of the image. This is totally at your discretion – the site lets you crop it and see if you like it.

Another idea is to order several of these images in smaller sizes and group them together   to tell a wonderful story.

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