My interest in photography started during 1964 while I was stationed on board a US Navy ship in Hawaii. I began with a simple twin lenses reflex camera and TriX black and white film. The navy base had a dark room available where I developed the film and printed the pictures using a photo enlarger and a three bath chemical process.

Since I knew just a little more about photography than other members of the crew .....I became the ship's photographer in addition to my "official" duties as the ship's radioman. While in the Navy I was fortunate to have the opportunity to see and photograph many areas of the South Pacific.

Upon leaving the navy I started working for a camera store where I sold Leica and Canon camera systems. I also did wedding photography and made display prints for our store in addition to a variety of custom photo assignments for clients.

When I joined a local fire department I became the official department photographer in addition to my duties as a fireman, engineer and captain. I retired from the fire department in 1989.

Today I do mostly event, landscape and architectural photography.

I also teach photography and the use of photographic software.

I have several camera systems, from big old "press" type box cameras to medium format SLR cameras and 35mm.

But all of those "older systems" are gathering dust.....after buying the first digital SLR several years ago.....I have never gone back to film.

The flexibility and quality of today's high end digital cameras combined with Photo editing software such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop puts digital photography light years ahead of film....at least for my needs.

Today I use a Canon 5D Mk3 system and always carry a pocket size "Point and shoot" camera with me.

It's hard to imagine what the future of photographic technology will bring but I am sure I will be first in line to give it a try.

The images on this site are available for purchase for personal and decorative use. You may order a wide variety of sizes and styles of prints directly from this site.

For advertising and/or commercial use please contact me regarding rates and availability.

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